Qurban/Aqiqah Deluxe Tier A (3 Cows)


Qurban/Aqiqah In Tanzania & Malawi 1444H/2023


šŸ¤²Ā Your Participation Matters:
By participating in Qurban in Africa, you will directly impact the lives of vulnerable communities, providing them with nutritious meat during Eid al-Adha and beyond. Your participation will help to Ā promote social welfare in Africa particularly in Tanzania and Malawi where Amalfya will perform its Qurban 2023 program..

šŸ’«Ā Supporting Sustainable Solutions:
We believe in creating sustainable change. Your contribution will not only provide immediate relief but also support long-term solutions. We aim to establish and maintain Qurban programs in Africa, ensuring continuity and lasting impact for the communities we serve.

šŸŒŸĀ Transparent and Accountable:
At Amalfya, we prioritize transparency and accountability. The details of Qurban such as location and date will be shared with you.